Secret Gift for you!
  • 兌換點數(Reward points):紅利50 點
剩餘(Item left):547 個
翹鬍子海盜 Rage of the seven seas 
Rage of seven seas reward point shop big sale Pirates ! Are you  looking for good items!? Dishonest trader bring on many treasures here.
【獎勵 Rewards】
1. 【酒館高級刷新卡*2 】Premium Pub Card*2
2. 【高级水手手冊×50】Expert Manual*50
3. 【5星水手喬琳×20】Nubia*20

【注意事項 Notice】

兌換的序號可在 “領取紀錄” 查看
*Players can go to “History of Reward Points” to see your exhange’ record.
*Purchase one time only.